young girl looking at books with dad

12-24 months

At this exciting time, your baby will be learning to say words and walk. This is a good time to ask your baby lots of questions and support them in choosing toys and games.


At this age, a baby may be able to say as many as 20 words, and they’ll understand even more than they can say.

  • 12-24-ducks-image

    Bath time nursery rhyme

    This rhyme about five little ducks keeps little ones entertained at bath time.

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  • Mum and Baby playing

    Talk about what you're doing

    Babies and toddlers can understand a lot more words than they can say.

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  • Where's your game good for development toddler

    Where's your...?

    Asking questions encourages your baby to speak.

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  • Baby boy clapping

    Row, row, row your boat

    This nursery rhyme has fun actions and noises to make your baby laugh.

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  • abundance-baby-balls-1296074.jpg

    Roll the ball

    Playing ball games helps your baby with their coordination and eyesight.

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  • Baby in a bucket playing with water

    Pouring and tipping

    This bath time game will help keep your little one entertained.

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As your baby builds their vocabulary, reading can help them on their way. They can start to understand stories, improve their memory and their listening skills.

  • Choosing a book together young girl 12-24 months old

    Choose a book together

    You can support your child's interest in books by letting them choose their favourite and reading it together.

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  • little girl reading with her dad

    Asking questions with books

    Looking at books together helps to get your child chatting.

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  • adorable-book-boy-1250722.jpg

    Use your child's name in a book

    Make your child the main character and read about their adventures in a book.

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