Chatty TV Time

Your child’s favourite TV show can be a great thing to talk about and share.

TV time doesn’t have to be something your child does quietly on their own. It can be a good way to get them chatting about something they like.

Sit down together and watch your child’s favourite show. Try asking questions like:

‘Why is this your favourite show?’

‘What’s happening?’

‘Who’s your favourite character?’

Talk about how it makes both of you feel. Does it make you laugh or make you feel sad? This is a good way of helping your child learn about feelings.

See if there are ways to relate the show to real life. For example, if there are animals in the show, are there animals you see in the real life?

Good to know

By watching TV shows together and talking about it, you are helping your child make connections with the world around us.

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