baby smiling with dad

6-12 months

As your baby approaches their first birthday, they’ll start enjoying songs with actions, rhymes and picture books. These help them learn to speak, move and observe things.


Babies can understand lots, even before they can speak. At this age, babies begin to understand sounds better and non-verbal communication.

  • Five chats a day

    Five chats a day

    Chatting and listening to your baby often helps them bond with you and begin to understand conversation.

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  • Point and see mum and baby

    Point and see

    Help your baby get used to the world around them by talking about it while you’re out and about.

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  • Copying baby sounds 6-12 months old

    Copying baby sounds

    As your baby starts to babble more, it's the perfect chance to chat.

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You are your baby’s most important play mate. Simple games help your baby learn to use objects and start to speak.

  • baby-girl-looking-happy-and-engaged.jpg

    Pat a cake, pat a cake

    This song has simple actions that helps your baby learn about rhythm and movement.

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  • baby-girl-looking-at-herself-in-mirror.jpg

    Mirror time

    Babies like mirrors because they help them learn about themselves.

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  • Playing with bubbles with your baby

    Play with bubbles

    Bubbles are a fun activity for curious babies.

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Even before your baby can speak, reading to them helps them develop. They learn to concentrate, look at pictures, and start building their vocabulary.

  • dad and baby share a book

    Cosy book time

    Babies like looking at the pictures and hearing the stories from books.

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  • dad and baby reading

    Picture book sounds

    Picture books help your baby learn about the world while having fun.

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  • Going to the library choosing books

    Going to the library

    Libraries are free, welcoming and fun places to spend time in with your baby.

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