Old MacDonald had a farm

This song is easy to sing along to and might get your baby joining in too.

Babies like learning about different animals and the sounds they make. Singing a song is a fun way to teach them. This classic nursery rhyme will help.

It goes:

Old Macdonald had a farm,


And on that farm he had some pigs,


With an ‘oink oink’ here and an oink oink there,

Here an oink, there an oink,

Everywhere an ‘oink oink’.

Old Macdonald had a farm,


You can add different animals and their sounds to the song, like cows going ‘moo’ and ducks going ‘quack’.

See which sounds your baby likes. Try to get them to join in with the animal sounds.

Good to know

This is a fun way for your baby to play with sounds and work on their language skills.

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