2-3 year old girl happy

2-3 years

Toddlers learn a lot during this time, so it’s good to ask them questions, let them make choices about what they like and encourage them playing nicely with others.


At this age, your child will learn hundreds of new words. By chatting to them, you’ll help add to their understanding of conversations and how the world works.

  • Make a shopping list.jpeg

    Make a shopping list

    This fun activity will get your little one chatting about what food they like.

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  • Looking for numbers

    Looking for numbers

    This game helps your child learn about numbers while you’re out and about.

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  • Talk about the day

    Talk about the day

    A quiet time in the evening is a good chance to check in with your child.

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To children this age, playing and learning are the same thing. They’ll base their pretend play on what they’ve seen you do, so don’t be afraid to join in.

  • mum and daughter play wheels on the bus

    Wheels on the bus

    Start singing the song and ask your child to suggest other things on the bus and what sound they make.

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  • Chat and play

    Chat and play

    This is a good age to chat to your child about their favourite toys and games.

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  • 2-3 years old girl looking at cuddly toy with dad

    Looking at toys together

    During play time, see if you can get your child chatting and paying attention to toys.

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Reading to your child helps them learn how to tell stories, and that the symbols in books are letters and words. It helps prepare them for learning to read.

  • Heads shoulders knees and toes how to

    Head, shoulders, knees and toes

    Play, sing and read with this nursery rhyme.

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  • We're going on a bear hunt sharing book

    Going on a bear hunt

    This children’s book is a fun, adventure story they will enjoy reading again and again.

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  • Teddy bear taking it out and about

    Teddy’s day out

    Try making up a story about your child’s favourite toy together.

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