About Small Talk

Small Talk is a pilot project from the National Literacy Trust, run with the Department for Education (DfE). We want to support parents to chat, play and read with their child at home as much as possible.

A child’s language development begins long before they start school and is shaped by the people and places in their lives. Parents are their children's first teachers and there are so many simple ways parents can help children learn and grow at home.

Small Talk is part of a wider National Literacy Trust initiative to improve the home learning environment for 0-5 year olds and will be running in seven areas across the country: Peterborough, Swindon, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham Stoke and Nottingham.

Small Talk events

We are delivering fun, interactive events in the places and spaces families visit as part of their daily routine, such as their local shopping centre or coffee shop, to model short, simple activities that promote positive adult-child communication. We have events coming up in:


4 July 2019: Hampton Shopping Centre

3 August 2019: Millfield Festival at Rock Park


We will be joining Stoke's own Little Library Van across the summer visiting the parks of Stoke.

23 July 2019: Tunstall Park

6 August 2019: Hanley Park

13 August 2019: Westport Lake Park

29 August 2019: Fenton Park

We'll also be running events in Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Swindon - watch this space for dates and locations!