Act out a favourite story

You can bring books to life for your child by acting out the story with them.

First, ask your child to choose a favourite book. Then decide who is going to be which character.

Narrate the story and act it out. You can do silly voices for each character, show their reactions and do the story around the house. Household objects can be things in the story, and different rooms can be different places.

Encourage your child to pick their favourite character to play.

Some books that are fun to act out are: Peppa Pig, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt or The Hungry Caterpillar. But any book your child likes will do.

Afterwards, ask questions about the story. What was their favourite part? Can they remember what happens in the story?

Good to know

By bringing the story to life, you will help your child understand the story and feelings of the characters. It’s also a great way to build their imagination, which is important for reading and writing.

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