Talk about feelings

It's good to talk to your child about feelings, even from a young age.

If you're looking for things to chat about while you're with your baby, feelings can be a good choice. When you're together, observe your baby and see if you can tell what they're feeling. This can take a bit of practice.

Ask yourself: Do they look happy? Sad? Bored? Excited? Tired?

When you think you can guess, you can chat about these feelings. For example: 'You're excited we're going to the park' or 'Perhaps you're upset because you're tired.'

You can also chat to your baby about your feelings.

All this lets your child know that it's okay to feel good and bad emotions and talk about them openly. They'll be able to understand people better and express themselves.

Good to know

By understanding feelings, children can learn to say what they need and become confident communicators.

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